Predictive analytics

IBM-SPSS is a stack of advanced analytic technology. With a 40-plus-year history, organizations worldwide have realized significant value through the use of the rapid prototyping capabilities provided by SPSS. DMT has a proven track record using its collective experience showing how predictive solutions can make processes better throughout industry and across government agencies. The ability of the world to collect and store data has been growing at an exponential rate.

Today, a typical Smart Phone contains more processing and memory power than NASA possessed during the Apollo Project that sent men to the moon! Yet the mindset of many when it comes to analytics is still lagging. Relatively few have transitioned into today’s mathematical engineering.

IBM-SPSS technology was built to provide lay business users with the ability to work from a business process perspective, and manage their data through a set of tools that have the analytic engineering embedded within easy-to-use displays.

Consumers have more choices than ever before. How do you position as information velocity is accelerating? How do you keep pace in this rapidly emerging, changing world? How do you analyze the information flow for best response? How do you capture the data and stage it correctly?

SPSS Industry-Specific Solutions:


Smarter Clinical Decision Support Systems
  • Evidence Based Medicine
  • Adverse Outcomes; pattern detection & mitigation
  • Facility and site analysis
  • Claims tracking
  • Fraud mitigation
  • Optimize staffing configurations.
  • Forecast patient outcomes.


Smarter methods for increasing Inventory Turns & Optimizing Price
  • Promotions and Bundling
  • Promoting the next best sell opportunity
  • Differentiating your brand
  • Shelf Management and Assortment Planning
  • Product Performance Forecasting

Hospitality & Gaming

Smarter Hotel Revenue Management Strategies
  • Room Rate Optimization
  • Click-through and purchase behavior analysis
  • Food and Beverage Resource Planning
  • Forecast average daily worth.
  • Optimize upgrades and comp strategies with predictive analytics
  • Players Club & Slot Analytics


Smarter approaches to improving quality and reducing variation
  • Reducing unwanted variation in complex manufacturing systems
  • Locating drivers of manufacturing defects
  • Predictive Maintenance of property, plants and equipment
  • Supplier Performance quality assessment


Smarter forecasting
  • Cross-sell and Up-sell
  • Network demand forecasting
  • Sales and Marketing Optimization
  • Call Center Optimization


Smarter implementations
  • Fraud mitigation
  • Product Demand Forecasting
  • Manufacturing Reliability


  • Actuarial
  • Underwriting
  • Claims Management
  • Claims Fraud


Smarter Financial Strategies
  • Predictive Wealth Management
  • Loan Default Analysis
  • Next best product offerings
  • Predictive campaign response modeling
  • Commercial and Retail demand forecasting
  • Forecasting share of wallet
  • Voice of the customer

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

  • Research and Development
  • Genomics
  • Manufacturing Performance
  • Predictive/Preventative Maintenance


Smarter ways to serve constituents
  • Predictive policing
  • Pattern detection for crime forecasting
  • Harvesting officer narratives for smarter reporting
  • Crime signature detection