Our Manufacturing & Heavy industry Approach

As someone working in manufacturing and heavy industry, you know competition is fierce, marginm/s are shrinking, and everyone is scrambling for an upper-hand in a global economic environment. So how, then, do you create a sustainable advantage?

DMT can help you use your data to create an actionable strategy to:

  • Reduce unwanted variation in complex production processes
  • Locate sources of defects and waste
  • Predict maintenance needs of property, plants and equipment
  • Assess supplier consistency and reliability

Utilizing its deep familiarity with business analytics tools, such as IBM’s advanced analytics technology, Aviana works with your team to identify operational inefficiencies – be it production, supply chain, equipment maintenance, inventory or personnel. This enables managers to streamline processes and widen profit margins.

What You Can Look Forward To

DMT is equipped with best-in-class business analytics and predictive performance management solutions that help manufacturers:
  • Create dynamic inventory management and demand planning
  • Optimize vendor/supplier relationships
  • Increase capital asset efficiency to reduce maintenance and purchasing costs
  • Conduct goods, maintenance and purchasing costs analyses
  • Utilize automatic forecasts of demand fluctuation

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