Financial performance solutions

Our approach to financial performance management is based on decades of experience and an unmatched understanding of the challenges facing the financial world. We specialize in creating an integrated solution that ensures finance is adding daily value to every business unit.

  • Budgeting Forecasting and Planning
  • Financial Consolidation
  • Diagnostic Evaluation

Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning

Budgeting, planning and forecasting are critical to the success of your business. To enhance your overall business performance and provide significant savings, Aviana offers genuine financial reporting solutions that integrate with all of the technologies, metrics and methodologies necessary to help your business predict, measure, evaluate and impact organizational performance. While many trust Excel as their primary forecasting platform, there are serious limits and challenges to overcome when it comes to versioning, and consolidations. Plus, doing a rolling forecast on a spreadsheet-based platform can become a major headache.

Financial Consolidation

If your organization is constantly challenged to close the books accurately and on time, Aviana can help you prepare accurate financial statements with a proven Financial Consolidation solution powered by IBM Cognos Controller.
While many organizations struggle to prepare their information for management reporting in different systems because of complex data calculations and allocation issues, Aviana’s experts simplify the process.
Our solutions help you prepare, analyze, investigate and understand your financial information without all the fuss.
Our financial consolidation solutions help your business to:
  • Gain control of your business with self-service reporting and analytics
  • Generate an extensive audit trail to satisfy external and internal auditors
  • Manage, control and certify financial statement reports
  • Empower your CFO with a comprehensive view of key financial metrics and trends
  • Achieve financial transparency and sustainable compliance with IFRS, Sarbanes-Oxley, and emerging regulations
  • Improve planning and forecasting with consolidated management data

Diagnostic Planning

Aviana offers full consulting services to completely understand and utilize the performance management diagnostic software. We walk our clients through the IBM Cognos TM1 and SPSS software step-by-step to ensure a full understanding and comfort level on the new interface. Aviana does a full diagnostic evaluation on the success of the chosen software and strategic planning model to double check that it’s the right fit for the client.
To address this concern, Aviana leverages IBM Cognos Express and IBM Cognos TM1 technology to ensure best practices and help you track your progress against strategic objectives.
The end result is greater organizational alignment, better visibility and increased agility. With our financial planning and reporting solutions, you can:
  • Prioritize activities to ensure organizational alignment with strategic business goals
  • Allocate resources to support your strategy
  • Measure performance and track milestones for regulatory and statutory compliance
  • Maintain a fully documented audit trail
  • Optimize profitability drivers on an ongoing basis to drive your business
  • Enhance organizational performance with accurate analytics