Data warehousing

To help our clients become more agile and responsive, we offer enterprise-class data warehousing solutions to empower the strategic decision-making process. We focus on your business objectives using best practices and proven tools to assist you in the design, implementation and integration of your data warehouse. Benefits:

  • Get the right information to the right people in an easy to understand format
  • Enjoy scalable access to all business critical data sources
  • Increased data integrity across all systems
  • Improved access to information relative to specific users and departments

Business Intelligence Solutions, Strategies & Software

  • Data Mart: Creation and Implementation
  • Data Warehouse: Design and Development
  • Design and Build: Data Warehouse and Data Mart
  • ETL Component (Extract-Transform-Load)

Data Mart: Creation and Implementation

Data marts are business intelligence systems that provide relevant business data to specific business units within your organization. By leveraging the data mart, each department is empowered to use, manipulate and develop the data any way they need to, without overwriting the information inside the data warehouse. To prevent your data marts from spiraling out of control and growing beyond your ability to maintain, The IT Branch designs and builds a scalable, manageable data mart that empowers your strategic business growth.

Our Methodology

The goal of the data mart is to provide your decision-makers with access to accurate data that ensures greater agility and smarter business decision. To provide easy access to specific business data, DMT’s data marts offer a meaningful level of detail for critical analysis, presented in clearly understood format.

Our process begins by asking the right questions to determine what data is necessary to meet your business needs. To better understand your business processes, we interview your decision-makers and identify the requirements necessary before we build your data mart. Even after creating your initial data mart, the process doesn’t end there

Our goal is to design a system that accommodates your evolving business needs.

Key benefits:

  • Enhanced corporate agility
  • Improved governance and data quality for confident decision making
  • Compliance with regulatory reporting for Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley, IAS, IFRS, etc.
  • Significant cost savings by eliminating redundant data and systems
  • Easy access to frequently needed data
  • Contains only essential business data

Data Warehouse: Design and Development

DMT helps Enterprise customers incorporate data stores to support business goals and manage data with a dynamic data warehouse (DW) foundation for more reliable Business Intelligence. We create Data Warehouses to map critical business data between disparate sources and targets, and capture details of the transformation in a metadata repository. The data warehouse then becomes a single, comprehensive source of current and historical information for your business.


  • Make sense of your business data
  • Improve query performance without impacting operational systems
  • Add value to operational business applications
  • Improve and maintain data history
  • Integrate data from multiple source systems
  • Enable a central view across the organization
  • Improve data quality to flag or repair bad data
  • Gain a more consistent overview of your business

Design and Build: Data Warehouse and Data Mart

DMT designs and builds your customized Data Warehouse and Data Mart using proven schemas including tables, views, indexes and synonyms. Whether your enterprise requires a star or a snowflake model, our experts arrange data objects in the model in a variety of ways and adapt it to your system parameters to accommodate the size of your network, the number of users, data storage capacity, the infrastructure, and software compatibility.

ETL Component (Extract-Transform-Load)

Data integration is a key component of successful data governance. Most ETL environments were designed for the business requirements of a decade ago – before the number of data sources and software applications expanded exponentially.

Today, ETL environments are straining to keep up with increased requests for longer history data and more granular details – while, at the same time, organizations are relying more heavily on their data to achieve strategic business objectives. Clearly, a new approach is needed to meet the demands of today’s business environments.

DMT assesses your current environment to understand what’s working and what’s not. Symptoms of at-risk ETL environments include tangled architectures, increased hardware and database expense, ad-hoc tuning activities, and challenges maintaining the environment. The result is higher TCO, longer implementation cycles, and diminished business value on implementation.

DMT offers a new approach to ETL that’s faster, more efficient, and cost effective. Let us help you reduce the cost of ETL, increase business agility, achieve scalability and enable better governance and maintenance of your ETL environment.