Business Intelligence Solutions, Strategies & Software

Today’s most successful businesses have learned how to leverage their data to gain a competitive edge. Business Intelligence (BI) enables business stakeholders to identify the right customers to target and the right vendors to utilize in order to gain competitive advantage, expand into new markets, and improve customer service. Effectively extracting, consolidating, understanding and analyzing your data provides priceless and powerful intelligent insights into your business, allowing for the formation and execution of successful business strategies.

DMT is a business-intelligence and a performance-analytics software consulting company with expertise in all the areas needed to implement a successful Business Intelligence strategy for its clients. DMT is the expert in the analysis and design of BI systems, the extraction, transformation and migration of data across systems, and the reporting and distribution of this information to the business enterprise. In addition to its own experience, DMT works with industry leaders such as Cognos and Microstrategy for its BI needs and with IBM for its integration requirements to bring best-of-breed solutions to its clients. To help you implement a successful Business Intelligence strategy and make informed decisions, we offer expertise in:

  • Extraction, transformation and loading of data across systems (ETL).
  • BI assessments and road maps
  • Analysis and design of data warehouses and data marts
  • Data distribution and reporting
  • Enterprise planning and strategies)
  • OLAP analysis
  • Dashboard implementation
  • Statutory regulations